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Car park

Parking in Montpellier, PASS hotel, public car parks

Once parked inside the car park of your choice, you must bring your entry ticket as well as confirmation of your hotel reservation, and go to reception to request your PASS which will be valid for the duration of your stay. You will pay this directly at reception, and this PASS will give you the possibility of entering and exiting as many times as you wish.

PRICE: €15/24H, (+hourly rate in effect if the schedule is exceeded on the day of departure)

PARKING PARKS: Comédie, Corum, SaintRoch, Gambetta, Europa

Use WAZE to guide you around the city center.

For further explanations, contact our 24/7 reception at 0467584263.


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Hotel Access

Parking in front of the hotel is possible to drop off your luggage or if you have a disabled card.

To drop off your luggage, authorized parking is 20 minutes and you will need to contact our Reception beforehand to provide you with the code for the entrance terminals on rue de Verdun.

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